General Information

Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine publishes original contributions of literary and artistic merit that relate to the theory and practice of narrative medicine. Please see specific guidelines on different categories. Intellectual property rights are retained by the author but accepted work will be copyrighted by Intima and may be reprinted in part or whole at the discretion of the Editors in future publications either online or in print. We do not welcome simultaneous submissions, previously published work or work published on a personal blog.

Patient Privacy Notice
Intima adheres to legal and ethical guidelines in accordance with academic and health community publication standards.  As clinicians, patients, and family members, we feel strongly that patient privacy and confidentiality should be maintained at all times.  We simultaneously recognize that narrative power depends on intimate, singular encounters and the sharing of personal accounts in a respectful and safe environment. To maintain these standards, contributors should review the confidentiality guidelines in the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), with particular attention to the 18 commonly accepted "unique identifiers." We also encourage contributors to seek permission before submitting patient stories, and to fictionalize or change identifiable information whenever possible and appropriate to maintain patient confidentiality and privacy.  Please contact with any further questions or concerns.

How to Submit
Any quotations or citations should follow MLA style formatting. Manuscripts and media should be submitted online via Submittable. The comments section of the submission form should contain your name, contact information, word count, and any contextual information you'd like us to know or that you'd like published alongside the piece. The manuscript itself should not include the author's name or other identifying information.

Please submit as a Microsoft Word (.docx or .doc) file; media should be submitted in JPEG, PNG, or MP3 format. We accept work that adheres to a genre-specific word count and page limits as specified in our guidelines, as well as artwork and multimedia. No more than two (2) submissions per genre per review period will be considered, except in the Poetry category where up to three (3) submissions are allowed.  More detailed submission guidelines can be found below.

NOTE: In order to cover  our website and Submittable costs, a $5 per submission fee will be  charged for each work submitted, starting with the Fall 2018 issue. All money earned will go to the monthly  fee to keep our website up and running and to our submission platform,  Submittable, that allows us to efficiently read, comment, connect and  respond to the writers, academics, artists and multimedia artists who  submit and contribute work. We appreciate your support and interest in  our journal.

If you have any additional questions, please email

Intima is now accepting submissions of book reviews for fiction, non-fiction, academic and poetry books that fall under the umbrella of narratives about illness, health and caregiving. We have seen an uptick in these kinds of books that illuminate the intimate interface between clinicians, caregivers and patients during the clinical encounter. While we are primarily interested in newly published books, we welcome reviews of classic or recent books as well.

Book review submissions should demonstrate a familiarity with those already posted on the Intima website in style and tone, and should not exceed 700 words.  Our book reviews serve to endorse worthwhile books for the Intima readership to enjoy.  We are not looking for critical pans, but welcome critical thinking about books that fall into our narrative focus. 

The submission process filters through Submittable, an online publishing review service we use. Please include a short biography that describes your qualifications. After our editors have reviewed the submission, you will be contacted about whether and when it will be published on the site. 

We do not pay for book reviews and reserve the right to edit the piece for clarity. Before it is published, a copy will be sent to you to ensure changes are reviewed.

Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine